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Our Story

Business Team

In 2002, we started PeoplesAlly as an independent spin-off business of Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc. (AeFT).


We are focused on businesses and high net worth individuals and help you secure insurance products at a reasonable cost. For more than a decade, we’ve remained a trusted expert and leading insurance provider in the insurance and real estate industry.

Our Difference

From that first client to the thousands of clients we serve today, we’ve dedicated our entire practice to mitigating the challenges that small to medium businesses face when trying to get insurance coverage. Through extensive risk management assessments in the new social distancing Covid-19 era, we’ve spent hundreds of hours observing and analyzing the unique risks facing businesses in the in order to best serve our customers.

At PeoplesAlly, we truly are experts in what we do. We understand various industries. We understand the risks and challenges that businesses face. We understand the value of protection. Our expertise lies in using our extensive knowledge to provide insurance products that are affordable, attainable and most importantly, that properly safeguard the businesses we serve.


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Mon-Fri, 9:00AM-5:30PM EDT

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